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Executive Educational Consulting and Training

Executive L​ev​el Consulting and Training Sessions are Only Provided by 

Dr. Kay Williams

Dr. Kay, as she is affectionately called, is a proven instructional leader. She has served in various teaching and leadership roles, educating learners young and old. She began her teaching path when she was a little girl, teaching the children in her neighborhood; and, from there she continued teaching for many years. Because of her teaching strategies, she was often pulled from her school to go to other schools and districts to share those strategies. She was recognized in several major newspapers, including the Washington Post and the Chicago Tribune for excellence in teaching. It was only a matter of time before she was promoted to leadership roles. 

Her most recent overseas venture was spending several years in the Middle East, leading the way and trailblazing paths to promote the best education possible for the students, teachers and leaders that she served. Dr. Kay supervised several schools and founded one. In less than 2 years, the school she founded received a school performance rating of "B" (on an A-F scale). The year before Dr. Kay returned home to the states, her school went through the accreditation process again, and her school received an "A" rating! Dr. Kay also has remarkable and notable accomplishments across a few states in the US as well, as both a teacher and leader!

One of Dr. Kay's catch phrases is: "I love education; but, my passion is STEM!" STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Many of her training sessions are intricately woven around those subjects and she loves sharing how beautifully they align with interdisciplinary instruction.

Dr. Kay is an International and Nationally known presenter. You can find her at conferences, forums and symposiums sharing her ideas and success stories. During her presentations, she is often heard saying "Teaching is easy for me! All I need are a pencil, a piece of paper and some rocks, and I can teach almost anything!" Then she carefully constructs "Why she believes that", and engages her audiences with thought provoking and reflective questions based on that 'why". 

You can also hear her begin training sessions and workshops with motivational anecdotes about her life growing up in the bayou, her life as a mom, and as teacher and leader. She often shares how much she truly enjoys seeing how well her audiences related to those anecdotes!

Because Dr. Kay is an International and Inspirational Leader, her availability is limited. Her workshops, training sessions and consulting projects have received awards, honors and recognition across all topics, subjects and projects. 

Due to limited time constraints, you may not always be able to schedule her for your school or district, but when you do, you will be pleasantly amazed!

General Educational Consulting and Training

General Educational Training

KEDE has made it an important goal to recruit and hire the best talent available! KEDE's trainers have many years of successful experiences in teaching and leading in their respective fields. 

They are dedicated and committed to assuring our clients have what they need to effectively and successfully navigate through charted and uncharted areas of school improvement and student achievement arenas. 

Each of the trainers is an accomplished  educator who has been awarded and honored for those accomplishments in their chosen fields. 

KEDE trainers hold a minimum of a Master's Degree, and because we believe in life-long learning, KEDE trainers continue their education by pursuing additional advanced degrees. 

We are constantly honing and sharpening our skills to be better educators, and we pride ourselves in being able to translate and transfer our new learning to our clients. We do our best to stay abreast of current trends, research and best practice pedagogy to assure our clients are provided the best training possible. 

You will be in great hands with KEDE trainers.

General Educational Consulting

KEDE engages in the same hiring practices for consultants as we do for trainers. Consultants are leaders in their educational communities. They come with a wide variety of experiences, and they are always eager to help, assist and support you with your educational needs. Consultants also stay abreast of current research based practices, pedagogy and educational trends to ensure our consulting services are premier, and meet the needs of our clients and customers.

Grant Writing

KEDE Grant Writing Services

What We Do

KEDE grant writers are diligent, dedicated and have a strong work ethic. They have excellent writing skills and have been successful at writing and getting grants approved . Our goal is to write a grant that will be approved the first submission!

Grant Fee Policy

Grant writers receive a minimum of $150 for time on task as professionals. And, depending on the specific grant guidelines and other critical information, this amount may increase. 

Book an appointment to discuss grant writing services in detail on the Contact Us page.

What our customers are saying

It was our pleasure presenting Dr. Williams with the funds she needs to develop her school's STEM program.

Michael L., Walmart Grants

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