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April 28, 2023

STEM is more than its acronym to me. Truth be told, I've been a STEMster since childhood. 

Being a STEMster (a person who loves STEM), all started with my grandmother, who was Native American! She shared her love for learning with me as soon as I was able to talk. From the riddles to the griddles, she made learning fun!

I learned what dragon flies were made of and how they were able to fly (Science); how to plant a garden and what tools to use (Technology); how to build kites and make sling shots and why they work (Engineering); and the most fun, how to understand fractions using homemade pies (Mathematics). 

As I grew older, I continued to pursue STEM type activities...whether as an eager participant or as a presenter of STEM workshops. I was a STEMster before there ever was a STEM concept. Now that it's official, STEM is in my blood. I love the inner workings of designing, planning and exploring STEM activities for teachers, students, educational leaders and community organizations. Being a STEMster is way of life for me.

I suppose I was born a STEMster....either way, I am absolutely enjoying the ride!

Let us all laugh daily!

Our Second Blog Entry

February 14, 2020

Being an author is a dream that I've had for many years. Some publish their work all the time, others are just getting started, and then there is me! I have books that I wrote for children from the 80's. That's right, I said the 80's. They have been in my garage collecting dust. But, I have decided to gather them up, dust them off and do whatever I need to do to get them published. 

So with laser like focus, I am beginning the process to be a published author! Wish me luck!

Our First Blog Entry

January 15, 2020

Welcome to KEDE's first blog. 

Well, that's it...I will have to read up on blogging...LOL!

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