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TEEN Summit for Girls coming soon…


Join us for our inaugural Teen Summit called GIRL POWER!

This Summit will be interactive, inspiring and empowering! 

What you will experience:

1. A fireside chat with empowering guest speakers, AND, chocolate snacks

2. Table Talks about real world teenage challenges 

3. How to identify your gifts and talents

4. Being the best version of self

5. A free copy of Dr. Kay's new book: The Waiting Game:

A Teen's Guide to Saying No

6. Questions and Answers session

7. And a lot more…


Location: TBD

When: Summer 2024

Entrance Fee: $45 (includes a free book, a workbook journal

and guide, materials, snacks and T-shirt)


(First 25 teens to sign up get 20% off entrance fee)



Trust the Wait

The book is a collaboration about overcoming self-doubt. It was especially written to inspire others to never give up, to always have faith and hope, and to trust the process of moving through challenges, and being patient as you trust the wait!


How Much is a Minute and the Time That is In It?

Maxwell is curious five year boy who loves to ask questions. His adventures in this series include learning about Math and numbers. In this adventure, he wants to learn about time. His mom and GeGe are there to help him answer as many questions as he asks. Join the adventure as Maxwell learns just how much time is in a minute!

An educational consulting company!

Your Passport 



- Executive Consulting

- School Tools Online School Supply Store

- K-STEM Products and Services

- KEDE Publications

Kacy Koala Goes Digital 

Kacy Koala Goes Digital is Book 2 in The Adventures of Kacy Koala. Follow this precocious kindergarten koala as she discovers a new way to go to school. With her school being renovated, she must and her family must use technology to do her school work. (asynchronous learning).

The Adventures of Max and Mohamed

This book is about the adventures of Max and his best friend Mohamed. They have been experiencing bullying at school because they are tinkerers during recess. On a weekly fishing trip with Max's dad, the boys discover the importance of being the best version of themselves, and how their gift as tinkerers could one day help others like tinkerers who have contributed to society in the past and present.

Real World Learning


K-STEM offers innovative teaching methods for Kindergarten through Second grade educators and parents in the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math!

K-STEM Connections© offers a unique way to look at Local, State, National and International educational standards so that educators are able to easily process standards, make sense of standards, and then use the standards to design and implement innovative lessons that engage and motivate learners young and old!

K-STEM Events offers STEM Festivals and Camps that STEMulate the Minds of the young and old!

KEDE Jump Start Math©

 The KEDE Jump Start Math© program provides accelerated learning support in Mathematics for students K-2! This program will help students achieve above grade level!

KEDE Jump Start Reading©

 The KEDE Jump Start Reading© program provides learning support in Reading and Writing for students K-2! This program will help students achieve above grade level!


The KEDE4Parents© program provides learning support across the curriculum, including STEM and STEAM, for parents interested in working at home with their children to help them achieve above grade level results across the curriculum!

A Member of National Education Parenting Network



KEDE ALTITUDE© (Accelerated Lessons That Innovate Tutoring that's Uniquely Designed to Engage) offers tutoring for students K-12.

KEDE WISDOM© (Workshops and Innovative Seminars Designed to Orchestrate the Mind) offers training for teachers and leaders on best practices based on researched based theories of learning.

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Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.

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